Saturday, 26 February 2011

Eccentricity is not, as dull people would have us believe, a form of madness...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! What we have here is a case of blog neglect!
I could write out why I have not posted for a while, but it may end up being a rather long boring list- so I think I'll probably just miss that bit out, hm?
Anyhow, I realise I have hardly written any SS11 catwalk reviews!! :O
So, I shall start with Prada...
Prada Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Miuccia described the collection as 'Brave, bold and obvious'- which it certainly was, with an element of insanity. is Prada after all!

First off came the plain cotton suits and dresses, with boxy jackets and tight skirts in primary blue, green, or orange which bore resemblance to something you may find in a hospital, whilst the models carried dyed fur stoles and chunky bright handbags, wore Willy-Wonka-esq. sunglasses, and walked in chunky, stripy high soled shoes.

Then, THE STRIPES INVADED. Stripy dresses adorned with a swirly pattern of cerubs, pineapples, bananas and monkeys. Thick- striped boxy tops that looked like something out of 'Dennis the Menace'. Knee-length black and blue STRIPY skirts. Stripy sundresses with frilled hems. A lime green and black striped skirt... If you see many items of striped clothing in stores soon, I'm sure you'll realise this is why...

There was then a brief phase of black 'uniforms', however the stripes never left as they appeared on the fur stoles instead and on the towering rubber soles of the shoes.
And, soon enough came the banana-print filled skirts and shirts with raffia plaited shoes, orange, pink, and black printed sundresses, striped and pleated tops with 'ruff' collars, embroidered monkey and banana tops- all in the brightest hues.

Embroidered dresses were next to be seen, with colourful swirls, women balancing pineapples on their heads, and monkeys on them, with bright beads hanging off the hem.

More striped pieces ensued, with the addition of wide brimmed STRIPED sombreros. There was, too, another phase of black before the end of the show. When Miuccia Prada entered at the end, nobody could help but notice that... she was wearing banana earrings.

The Clothes Press
P.S. PLEASE look at this video (which you can also find on for the advertising campaign video... I think you will find it most amusing. Especially the dancing. Need I say more?
P.P.S I forgot to say my 'The Clothes Press' banner above features an image from the Prada SS11 Ad. Campaign. :)