Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A wolf in sheep's cothing...

One of my favourite things about the AW10/11 catwalk shows, is that they contained lots of knitwear and thankfully this has been picked up by high-street shops, with thick cables, statement knits and generally nice warm cuddley things. Here is a selection from Asos (including brands sold on Asos) and Topshop (including collaborations)....:

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Back to the Future...

(Image found here)

Holly Fulton (above) is definitely one of the new designers who has added her name to fashion history.

Since completing and showing her MA collection with the Royal College of Art in 2007, Holly has gained considerable interest in the fashion world, debuting her first collection at London Fashion Week in Autumn 2009 and gaining the Young Designer of the Year Award at the Scottish Fashion Awards, a British Fashion Award for Jewellery, and the Elle Style Award for New Designer 2010.

Holly Fulton's 'signature' look is one that combines elements of art deco, the use of symbols, digital prints, aboriginal art and a sort of 'robotic' look, yet the overall image is very futuristic and 'modern'.

For Spring Summer '11, the collection had a 'holiday' look about it- you could certainly imagine wearing the designs in Morroco, Egypt or Africa. Some models carried small cases, many were wearing sunglasses, I saw a bikini and a swimsuit, and wrap skirts and wide-leg silk trousers-that billowed in the 'breeze'- were present. She also used luxurious and exotic fabrics and materials, with the use of python and pony-skin as well as silk. And of course it wasn't complete without her prints- an almost 'giraffe' like one, skyscraper buildings, birds and many others with art-deco and aboriginal looks- in true Holly colours.
Oh and her jewellery was as spectacular as ever- made from a combination of laser-cut wood, perspex, crystals and spikes with this season's skins all in the form of large collar-necklaces, big earrings and chunky bracelets.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the collection:
(all images from here)

Now, if you, like me, would love a little bit of Holly, but have a smaller budget than to buy from here or here, go here: http://www.asos.com/search/pgeSearch.aspx?q=holly+fulton - luckily for us, Holly Fulton collaborated with Asos recently to create these pieces at what I have to say are very good prices.

Happy shopping!

The Clothes Press

Monday, 15 November 2010

Bugged out...

I have a new obsession..... Wait for it....

I love this necklace, from topshop:
It's so how they're all kind of in a cluster, with interlocking legs or feelers. I also think the use of black, silver and gold works very well, and giving a nice strong image.

Also like this ring:
I found it on asos.com, and I have to say I adore the detail on the body. Very pretty.

Found an addition for (any?) arachnid lovers (however bear in mind this is a 2009 piece):
It was from Zoe and Morgan, although the photo is from vogue.com. I love the shape- I can imagine it would look great on. The heart cut out is also a nice touch, I think it emphasises the beautiful shape. Shame you probably can't buy it now...

A slightly more scary number is this (again, from 2008 so it is not so relevant....):
I came across it whilst on vogue- by Stephen Webster. I like the nouveau-gothic style to it, and it is good that it was trying to raise Malaria awareness. This one-off ring was auctioned to raise money for a charity called Malaria No More UK, but 300 replicas were be made and sold on asos.com for £50.

Anyway, happy reading, and more posting coming up!
The Clothes Press
P.S. Keep commenting! I love comments! They are lovely and make me smile... which makes me look like a chipmunk.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower...

I suppose I really should post reviews of SS '11 shows...
But, you know what? I'm far too into autumn right now. I love it so much, the colours, the knitwear, the capes... and the general cosiness of it all.
So instead I'm gonna review AW 2010. At first I couldn't think who -I loved too many: Prada, Marc Jacobs, Celine... But after a while it came to me that who I really had to do, was Alexander McQueen.

I have to admit it is hard to write about this collection. So many have- with much more experience and knowledge than I. Yet, he has for me, as he did for them, inspired. I always marvelled at his designs, and have taken this as an opportunity to pay my respect and add my thoughts to the masses out there.
His collection is so rich, in so many ways. The models look like powerful rulers, dressed in royal reds, golds, silvers, whites and blacks.
Beautiful rich embroidery and folds and gathers are seen, all intricate and so perfectly placed, creating patterns within themselves. Jewels in vibrant reds, greens and purples also add to this sense of power and wealth.

There is also what seems like a religious aspect. Prints of what look like medieval religious art can be seen, and some garments bear a likeness to monks cloaks, with prints featuring images from what look similar to church statues. There are also many prints of wings and some models were wearing feathers on their head- this for me suggested angels. All of this adds to the sense of power, and also gave it a sense of holiness, and divinity.

Overall, it is spectacular. And although this is a bitter-sweet collection for many, it is a very fine one. And although every time you scroll through the pictures, you wonder what the whole collection would have been like if he had been alive to finish it, and how he would of presented it, it still shows McQueen in his full glory as a designer. You can see how thorough his research is, how vivid his imagination. His use of colour and wit, his precision and craftsmanship, as well as the pure and utter genius of his clothing, which is far more than clothing- art, just shows what a unique man he was, and how talented. He will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.

The Clothes Press

Monday, 1 November 2010

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education...

Outfit Time!
So , really sorry for the bad photos... I don't have a great tripod or remote (?) which I know some people use... Oh, and sorry for no face too, I'm afraid all pictures with my face in will be cropped due to privacy. Sorry!
(Btw, my arm in the picture above is not normally at that insane looking angle, nor do I pose like that, I was using it to hold the camera... )
But, moving on, professor vibes! Um, Topshop shoes (and tights) seen here...
Zara jumper and tweed jacket seen here...
And Topshop trousers seen here...
Sorry that it took me so long to post that, mainly because of general laziness lack of spare time.
Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween, and if you have any tips on taking outfit pictures, please comment!
Have fun,
The Clothes Press

Sunday, 17 October 2010


So, news.
FIRSTLY, I shall *hopefully* get a Weardrobe account up and running soon- when I do I will post a link to it.
ALSO, MORE NEWS- I shall be buying a load of clothes soon, so I hope to blog about what I get- I'm thinking a big woolly cardigan, in which I can snuggle and pretend to be a bear. So yeah. And who knows what else...
AND FINALLY, since half-term is coming up (finally, I feel SO DEAD) my friend and I are hoping to do some filming- a fashion film may be on the list, considering how much I LOVE this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZjn3HAgLpY&feature=player_embedded - the winner Tavi chose for the A Shaded View on Fashion Film contest.
All the best,
The Clothes Press
P.S. I forgot to say last time that comments are very happily received, so feel free to say ANYTHING. I will try to reply if there any questions or requests or something!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hello, Goodbye

Recently (well, I say recently-what I really mean is for the past year or so) I have become very interested in fashion.
I have spent hours looking through Vogue, Harper's and Elle, watching 'The September Issue' (Grace Coddington is a genius), reading other blogs (Tavi, I ADORE YOU- if you ever read this, can we be friends?), LOVING the Marc Jacobs Autumn Winter 2010/11 ad campaigns- and therefore decorating my English book with those utterly amazing photos and others, and, devouring the newly received (aren't birthdays marvellous?) teen vogue hand book. Oh, and buying tweed trousers.

I also love analysing catwalk shows (yes, I'm a British blogger!!!) and what fashion can 'say' through clothes- I love it when designers do that.
SO, I decided to start a blog. I originally wanted to call it 'Through the Looking Glass' - as that is clever in so many ways, but, alas, it was taken :( . Anyhow, I now have 'The Clothes Press' which I will try to update -though I have a feeling I will not be too good at this- regularly.
But for now, adios.

The Clothes Press

P.S. Yes, I do love the Beatles.