Monday, 1 November 2010

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education...

Outfit Time!
So , really sorry for the bad photos... I don't have a great tripod or remote (?) which I know some people use... Oh, and sorry for no face too, I'm afraid all pictures with my face in will be cropped due to privacy. Sorry!
(Btw, my arm in the picture above is not normally at that insane looking angle, nor do I pose like that, I was using it to hold the camera... )
But, moving on, professor vibes! Um, Topshop shoes (and tights) seen here...
Zara jumper and tweed jacket seen here...
And Topshop trousers seen here...
Sorry that it took me so long to post that, mainly because of general laziness lack of spare time.
Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween, and if you have any tips on taking outfit pictures, please comment!
Have fun,
The Clothes Press


  1. amazing outfit! if u want, we can follow eachother ;)

  2. I love the old-school vibes I get from your outfit! Loving the shoes and tights combo, and that tweed jacket! Topshop is supreme. :)

  3. Thanks Francine! Topshop is indeed. :)

  4. Great blog! Is Zara a good store? I've never been there, but I've walked by it in the city...Maybe you could do a post on a shopping adventure there?

    If you follow me, I will follow you!


  5. Thanks! Yes, it is quite a good store, expensive, mind, but good quality and does main trends if that is what you are after. Not quite as quirky as other places, but never the less... Ah, yes! Good suggestion- I may put that in at some point!

    Following you now!