Monday, 15 November 2010

Bugged out...

I have a new obsession..... Wait for it....

I love this necklace, from topshop:
It's so how they're all kind of in a cluster, with interlocking legs or feelers. I also think the use of black, silver and gold works very well, and giving a nice strong image.

Also like this ring:
I found it on, and I have to say I adore the detail on the body. Very pretty.

Found an addition for (any?) arachnid lovers (however bear in mind this is a 2009 piece):
It was from Zoe and Morgan, although the photo is from I love the shape- I can imagine it would look great on. The heart cut out is also a nice touch, I think it emphasises the beautiful shape. Shame you probably can't buy it now...

A slightly more scary number is this (again, from 2008 so it is not so relevant....):
I came across it whilst on vogue- by Stephen Webster. I like the nouveau-gothic style to it, and it is good that it was trying to raise Malaria awareness. This one-off ring was auctioned to raise money for a charity called Malaria No More UK, but 300 replicas were be made and sold on for £50.

Anyway, happy reading, and more posting coming up!
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  1. The necklace is kind of nice, but mosquitoes and spiders.. UGH!

  2. Yes, I don't personally love the mosquito one either, but at least any money raised went to charity!

  3. I like the spider ring. I hadn't seen this collection before, so thanks for sharing and come and visit me too when you have time.


  4. ooooh....bug jewelry actually kind of creeeps me out, probs just because i read this freaky book where this bug necklace a girl was wearing was actually a tracking-device from this evil guy...but anyway i really like your blog! i'm going to follow you, i hope you'll check me out :)

  5. i LOVE all of it! its creepiness is sort of comforting! weird! i am following you so come see my blog and follow me!!! x

  6. Not a fan of bugs, but the bug jewelry is interesting!
    This is a late note, but I wanted to thank you for following me. i love your blog, and will check back often!


  7. Wow, great jewelry, the necklace is just stunning!

    Fashion Goodies

  8. Love the spider ring. (Wish it were silver though) I have a super cool necklace which reminds me of it, actually... it's a silver spider encrusted with rhinestones and its abdomen is a dangly red heart "crystal." The jaws lock onto the chain. It was only six bucks but I still can't get over it. Thanks for this post!

  9. Thank you for all the comments, everyone!
    I can assure you all that I have been to your blogs too and left comments! Keep checking on mine, an update is coming!

  10. The necklace looks impressive! And I love the asos ring :) xx

  11. I think it's a cool idea, too. I love the first one with all the different kinds of bugs. I haven't seen anything quite like that before.

  12. Thanks for commenting Stiene Saenen and Flow Disruption (what a cool name!).

    Stiene Saenen- I agree!
    Flow Disruption- yes I love the first too. Very clever, yes?

  13. Interesting. Never thought insects could be that fancy!

  14. That necklace, and the fly ring are AMAZING!! The spider ring kind of creeps me out ahah!

  15. Glad you like them Michele... Yes, I can understand... I wonder how many of those they sold...!