Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hello, Goodbye

Recently (well, I say recently-what I really mean is for the past year or so) I have become very interested in fashion.
I have spent hours looking through Vogue, Harper's and Elle, watching 'The September Issue' (Grace Coddington is a genius), reading other blogs (Tavi, I ADORE YOU- if you ever read this, can we be friends?), LOVING the Marc Jacobs Autumn Winter 2010/11 ad campaigns- and therefore decorating my English book with those utterly amazing photos and others, and, devouring the newly received (aren't birthdays marvellous?) teen vogue hand book. Oh, and buying tweed trousers.

I also love analysing catwalk shows (yes, I'm a British blogger!!!) and what fashion can 'say' through clothes- I love it when designers do that.
SO, I decided to start a blog. I originally wanted to call it 'Through the Looking Glass' - as that is clever in so many ways, but, alas, it was taken :( . Anyhow, I now have 'The Clothes Press' which I will try to update -though I have a feeling I will not be too good at this- regularly.
But for now, adios.

The Clothes Press

P.S. Yes, I do love the Beatles.

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  1. Hi..Just thought it was cool that I stumbled upon a fashion blogger newbie!