Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Coming soon... to this 'abandoned' blog...

YES! I'm BACK! From what I like to call my, *ahem*, 'sabbatical'...
I will be posting A/W 11 Show reviews, my online clothes findings, personal style stuff and lots more! (Yes, I know you can read, I'm just verifying...) So please remember to follow so you guys know when these are posted! Also, if you have any suggestions for posts such as style advice, tags, etc., please let me know via the email address at the bottom of the page, which I will give to you know as in my preview it looks tiny - so here it is:
Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who left comments on my last post, even though I'm sure you could see I was on my 'sabbatical'. When I went on here they made me smile to see them, and I shall follow all those who suggested it in the comments!
Regards, The Clothes Press


  1. I like the green girl on your header, and all the blue outfits in the post below. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.

  2. definitely! I've followed you on google
    your blog is lovely by the way,waiting you on my blog xxx